Carrie Barker and Sarah Baucom originally met in sixth grade at Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School in Charlotte, NC but did not become friends until years after graduating college (Virginia Tech & Elon University).  

In the spring of 2011, Sarah completed her residential and commercial Interior Design degree and was looking for the next big step. She messaged Carrie on Facebook because Carrie was the only female architect Sarah knew of in the area. Carrie immediately responded that they should have coffee and that meeting turned into a SIX HOUR conversation about hopes and dreams. Although, the women had known each other their whole lives, they had never connected. 

The day after their now serendipitous meeting, Sarah texted Carrie "You know what, I don't want to be a designer, I want to own my own boutique" and Carrie responded "I want to be a graphic designer, I will design your logo and site".  After forming their own businesses, Social Dress Shop and Pink Toast Ink, respectively, the women began building up one another and their "side hustles". 

The spirit of Girl Tribe was born during these formative months - although the product was missing. It took three more years for the women to start making hilarious and empowering tees and tanks. Within one year, they surpassed any sales goal they could have imagined. But something else happened.  The line was expanding - but so was their passion for empowering women. 

Out of this was formed the Girl Tribe Facebook group. The group is comprised of over 17,000 women (local and nationwide) who all believe in women supporting women and "ending girl on girl war". Now that Girl Tribe is a team of 8 (including Sarah's daughters, Eliza + Jules and Carrie's son, Pearce), our vision has become clearer and more heartfelt than ever before. Having kids will do that to you...knowing the good stuff in life. Becoming moms makes it so clear - we are changing this world one moment at a time.

Carrie and Sarah have huge plans for this tribe and for this company - and many fun surprises along the way.